Saturday, November 24, 2012

This and that

I've skipped from August to November.  It has been a very busy year....two hurricanes and a northeaster have done considerable damage to my beach house.  The tenants in the grandparents house have skipped town, turned off the electricity, left no forwarding address...and 6 dumpsters of trash for me to address.  Cleaning all that up...mildew, smells, things that grow on old furniture that was left downstairs, all of that, something bit me and I got Lyme Disease.  That will ruin your summer real quick.

No wonder small things escape the missing keys, described in the previous writing.   To conclude that story, I found the keys in the glove compartment of my truck...about a week after I had to call the locksmith in.

I tracked down the tenants by calling the water company.  The water company had their forwarding address.     The small claims process is started.   I know where they are living now.  I know where He works.  I will get what is owed me.....well, maybe not everything.  What price shall I put on Lyme Disease?  

All the paper work is done.  Then the water company bills me for my tenant's use of water.  If I don't pay their bill, the water company will put a lien on my property.  So, I paid some one else's water bill.  To add that bill to my claim, I had to petition the judge to let me add the water bill to the total...which is now about the maximum amount that goes through small claims...about $5000.

Meanwhile, a hurricane hits the shore.  A big tree falls on the front lawn of the grandparents house in Orange. lucky it did not fall on the house.  It has a twin.  That tree's roots are now compromised.  It will have to come down, too. 

And......(are you adding up the disasters?)    the in-law apartment at the beach house got ruined by Hurricane Sandy.  I replaced the hot water tank, the sump pump and battery back up, and the heating plant....a hot water/boiler system.    This time, my insurance company came through for me.  They will pay for the new roof and some other items.   I thank God for my wonderful contractor, Ernesto.

I want a vacation....away from here.