Thursday, January 01, 2009

January first, 2009. Those that went out celebrating the new year, are now flat on their backs sleeping or watching football on TV. A long time ago, I made the decision that Thanksgiving and Christmas is enough celebrating. By the time January comes along, the thought of going out in the dark and cold, drinking too much, staying out late, driving on roads shared with drunks does not appeal to me. I read somewhere that you can tell you are getting old when you get invited to two delightful parties and you choose the one that gets you home earliest. That's me.
I have some time to get my tax documents organized. I start new folders for each catagory, only the new ones are labeled 2009.
The kitchen floor needs to be washed. It does not appeal to me. The livingroom alcove needs painting. The paint is sitting right there along with the ladder, drop cloth and all the rest. The chore does not appeal to me.
What I did was to print out my blog. All of my entries for 2008 are now backed up. It was good to go back and review what happened. I am surprised that my kitchen project is less than a year old. It seems to have been in progress for ages. Ditto Lily. I've owned her for less than a year. She seems a permanent fixture in my life.
I got caught up on the ironing, grazed from the fridge, read the paper. This is the pause that starts the new year.
I hope to have the kitchen finished, the bathroom floor on one rental replaced, sheet rock and insulate the entryway of my other rental. I hope to have two large fir trees cut down and cut into wide planks...stacked and aged in my garage....and later installed as new floors for my home. That old carpet has got to go. I think this is my list of new year's resolutions. Happy new year.

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