Sunday, July 07, 2013

On Gay Marriage

It seems the Supreme Court has changed the definition of marriage.  For centuries, the term was defined as a union of a man and a woman with some kind of permanence and promises to one another. 

The court said that gay people were denied marriage because they are gay.  So they have been denied equal access.  I disagree.  Gay people have the same access to people of the opposite sex.  They can marry if they choose.  They choose not to. They are not attracted to the opposite sex.  No one is stopping them from getting married,  It is their personal choice.

There are other issues:  like inheriting property without estate taxes.  However, those issues can easily be resolved with civil contracts. 
  I have sympathy for my gay neighbors.  They were born with this condition.  It is a birth defect.  Actually it is a before birth defect.

Now people can marry another of the same sex.  The definition of marriage has been changed.  I think this is a further weakening of the family.   There should be another category for our gay friends.  It can be just like a marriage, but in a category of their own, with all the legal benefits as a heterosexual relationship, but please don't call it marriage.  That term is historically reserved for the traditional family.  I accuse the Supreme Court of writing law from the court.  Aren't  new laws supposed to come from the legislature?


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