Monday, September 09, 2013

Still on Vacation

Last time that Beth and I were in Buffalo, I took her to the Anchor Bar for Buffalo Wings.  Don boasts about how much "heat" he can eat.  We challenged him.  We brought home a box of their hottest wings.  Don munched them like peanuts.

This trip Don is with us.  He wants to go to the Anchor Bar.  Off We go.  We buy tee shirts.  Don wants a bumper sticker that says He survived suicide wings at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo.   I buy the bumper sticker and tee shirts. 

The food is very good at this bar.  Another favorite food from the Buffalo area is roast beef on a wick....a kimmelwick role.  It has caraway seeds and kosher salt on the role.  You eat them by dipping them into rich brown gravy.  The salt cauterizes the roof of my mouth.  I love them.  That is what I order . They are delicious...mile high with thinly sliced roast beef cooked just right. The sandwich was so big that I had to take a quarter of it home.   They are so good, that Zagat, a food reviewer, has named the roast beef on a wick, as the official sandwich of New York State.

  Don orders a double batch of suicide wings .   I think his stomach must be cauterized by now.  He has been know to eat a ghost pepper....the hottest pepper in the world.   He eats his wings without a complaint.  I expect him to be sick this evening....or tomorrow.  Nope.  He is fine.

Beth and Don have gone.  I have the house to myself.  The purpose of this trip is to decompress, to do some art work, to enjoy the beach.    The weather hasn't cooperated....until today.  Today is the first day I drive to the beach and stay for hours.   Opps....I am sharing the beach with little critters.   I have opened a bottle of soda and attracted a swam of yellow jackets.   The only way to get rid of these pests is to give them what they want.  I pour some soda on a piece of aluminum foil and set it a yard away from me.    That should take care of those little bastards.   Oh has flown right into my soda bottle.  To get him out of there, I have to pour half the bottle on the sand.  Out He goes.  I cap the bottle.  The soda on the sand attracts more yellow jackets.  It is time for me to move down the beach.  The yellow jackets have that section of the sand to themselves.


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