Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Aunt Irene: When I knew that I would be in Buffalo for a high school reunion, I planned the other days to see other friends and family. Naturally, I called Christine to see if they were doing anything for your birthday. We had such a good time my last visit. I was looking forward to a repeat visit.
I was so shocked and saddened to learn of the turn of events since my last visit. John has cancer and probably is dying. Christine is beside herself with worry and with tears. She cried on the phone. He is now in Hospice Care.
Then I learned that you are now living in an assisted living facility. That was the second shock. I guess that caring for two people is more than your daughter can manage. There is nothing I can do from here to help out, but I would do anything if I could..
I remember the family tradition I observed in your family: Lenore cared for Ami. Irene cared for Lenore...and I thought that Christine would care for Irene when you no longer were able to care for yourself. I felt sure that you would be cared for, as Christine is a loving and hard working daughter. Life had other plans, I guess.
Anyways, I called your facility to see how you are adjusting and was relieved to hear that you are making new friends, so perhaps this will work out after all.
I know that you dearly miss your old life...your own home...Charlie and church. I am hoping that new experiences...all good...will replace the old situation.
This is just a little note to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
As for me, I continue to renovate and repair my house, enjoy my garden and train my disobedient dog, Captain Jack. I don't have any family around, but I have good neighbors and friends that act like a support system. My grandson, Stephen lives in the next town over, so in an emergency, he will come and help. Melanie lives in Australia and Beth lives in Syracuse. Melanie's oldest son, Chris, is living in the Raleigh NC area and is doing very well with his career. He asked a lovely lady to marry him and she said,"yes". I approve. She is lovely.
I will close this letter out now with a blessing for you. It is plopped on your head like ice cream onto a cone. Love and light are dripping all over you and it tickles and delights. Love from your niece.