Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Still constructing. Still renovating

     I got a call from Justin.  He's the back hoe operator I hired to install a dry well in front of my beach house.  He is a young man with just enough experience to convince me to hire him...and his price is fair.  Justin calls to say the weather won't permit opening the ground.   It is snowing, darn it.  I don't like March snow.  I've had enough snow .   We reschedule for tomorrow.
     Next stop was to take Captain Jack to the groomers.  My little dog likes it at Whose Your Doggie Groomer.  As soon as I pull into the parking lot, He strains to get out.  He has his collar and leash on, but I drop my end of the leash to see what he will do.  He heads right to the entrance gate, smiling a doggie smile.  Jack will be OK for the next few hours.
     I get a call from my insurance adjuster.  She has looked at my bills and spoke to the lady who came to survey the damage.  The pipe froze in the Orange  CT. house.   Ernesto has another construction job for me.  and....He is doing his usual excellent job.  He has demoed the house.  Wet sheet rock and insulation are outside, waiting to be taken to the dump.  The pipe is repaired.  The electrician has been through to re-wire the kitchen.  He will finish his job after Ernesto has finished his job.
     Next the new insulation and sheet rock go up.  The carpet on the stairs is pulled up and discarded.
     Bad news:  my insurance check will be about half of what is needed to complete the job.  Regretfully, I cancel my plan to tile the wall behind the stove...and the carpet on the stairs will not be replaced.
     This house was up for sale until the electricity got interrupted...which turned the furnace off....which allowed the house to cool...which caused a pipe in the bathroom to freeze and break.   I cancelled the sale of the house until further notice.    The good news is the house will look better than before the claim....and....the season will be warmer....which means.....I can ask for a higher price for this house.   Maybe providence is on my side?
     Last stop of the day:  Pick up Captain Jack from the groomers.  He is beautiful and He knows it.  Pretty boy!
     At home:  Stephen is home.  He's been gone for a week.  He walks out of the house without telling me where He is going.  He doesn't say when He will be back.  He has been asked to leave the end of this month.  I would love to help my grandson, but I can't help someone who won't help himself.