Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thursday and Friday on vacation

One of the nice things that I remember from growing up, is being in Triangle Girls.  It is a masonic organization.  Parents participated , so I had my Dad and sister with me.  There was another girl:  Nancy B.   I met her again as a freshman in Kensington High School.  We were both art majors.  Nancy has considerable talent. She did the year book cover for Kensington high school.    In Triangle Girls, she was voted queen.  I was the organist who accompanied our rituals.  We wore beautiful white dresses. Nancy's was brand new.  Mine was second hand, but the affect was still lovely.

The second year of high school, my parents had moved to a different school district.  Nancy and I lost track of each other, except for Triangle Girls.  We square danced with the DeMolay boys.  I learned to love square dancing.   and, I know of one marriage that came out of our square dancing.

We connected again at Buffalo State.  What a miracle that We were assigned to the same section.  We took all our classes together, except for electives.    Nancy graduated Suma Cum Laude.  She was that kind of a girl.

We've kept in touch over the years. Her address was one of the first places I visited on this vacation.   I got lost .  How could I not remember the streets in my home town?   Nancy directed me to her house via cell phone.   She had a luncheon date with a group of women from her church.  I came along to meet a group of loving, supportive women.  They are Nancy's adopted fam.ily.   We had lunch at the Lafayette Hotel.   it is a historical landmark in down town Buffalo.  It takes up a whole city block.  They sure made them sturdy and beautiful when that building was built. ...about 1902.   I admired carved stone, marble, oil paintings, beautiful architectural detail...and the lunch was good, too.

At Nancy's house:  She has matured into a very competent artist.  I loved what I saw on her walls.  I would have taken photos of her work, but my batteries in my camera are getting weak.  I need to save them.   I have another reunion to attend to in a week.

We had a very nice dinner at a place she loves.  Then I slept over.

The next day was another lovely experience.   My cousins in Hamburg NY had invited me to lunch at Christy's house.   Her sister, Joyce, is preparing for a trip to Spain.  I could not wait to hear about their trip.  Christy has a marvelous sense of design.  She also works like a horse.  She told me that she had broken her wet saw and had to buy another.  Who do you know who is beautiful, slim an blond and cam do her own tiling?  That's Christy.  She also lugged the furniture upstairs, painted the walls.  Christy is a very good contractor.  She has a dog named for my mother.  The dog's name is Maggie.   Mom influenced more people than she knew.....

Anyways, it was a lovely get together with 3 cousins.   Christy gave me a case of Vernor's ginger ale 
as she know I can't get it in Connecticut.  I love that stuff!

It is Saturday.  I am about at the half point of my vacation.   The phone rings.  It is Judy.  Aunt June has died.  Judy is crying.   Aunt June was a lovely lady.  She was sociable and loving.  I will miss her , but not as much as her daughter.    Last time I was in Buffalo, about a year ago.  I went to my Aunt Irene's funeral.   This is a tough time of life.  I am losing friends and family.


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