Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lost Keys

     I've looked every where for them.   I checked the kitchen drawer....where the keys should be.  I checked the pockets of my jackets and jeans.  The keys are no where to be found.  The only other person who uses my 3 bay garage, is my grandson, Stephen.  

      Stephen isn't answering his  phone, so I drive to his place of work.  Nope.  He doesn't have the keys.

     It is tearing out my hair time.  Where are those darn keys?   Inside the garage are items I need to access.  I have to move the paint to the basement, so it won't freeze.   The contractor needs to store some concrete in the garage.  He is installing new front steps for my tenant..  He stores the concrete in his own garage for the time being.

      My tenant, Tina, comes out to see what is going on.   She is very good with a screw driver.   Tina gets the screws out of one hasp.  The lock hangs on the hasp.  The entire thing has to be replaced.   The second hasp has screws that are hidden by the configuration of the hasp.  I can't get to them.  A hacksaw proves useless on hardened steel.    This is so frustrating!

      Could I have accidentally locked the keys inside the garage?    Tina and I break a window to get inside.  She looks all over.  No keys.

     There is nothing else to do accept to call the locksmith, Bud.  He comes over in the afternoon.  With a bolt cutter, Bud removes the locks.  He works long and hard to get the hasps off the doors.  They have been there for decades, rusting in place.   Bud installs a one piece unit that is both lock and hasp.   Both locks are keyed the same.   He hands me the keys.  "Don't loose them" Bud says.   I put them immediately on my key ring.

     The chore for today is to install the new glass in the window.    It seems you can't buy glazing compound for just one window.  I have about 2 cups of glazing compound. That is the smallest amount I can buy.    This is more than I need.  The rest will dry out in the basement until I get around to throwing the container out.  At least my 3 bay garage will be back to normal.